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Brain Bates Video Vigilante or Just another Nosey Neighboor?

Posted on: November 13, 2008

Invading peoples privacy, putting his own life in danger, everyday driving around seeking new adventure and lurking around every possible  corner on a quest to find what he calls law breaking criminals. You have to wounder what is the underlying intention of Brian Bates Oklahoma City’s own video vigilante. Is Bates the City hero or Oklahoma’s nosey neighbor?

The home town of Brain Bates is Oklahoma City, a town where he says is becoming notorious for public prostitution. In an attempt to do what he felt the Oklahoma City police department could not. Bates goes out of his way to catch prostitutes, pimps and the people who pay for their services on tape. According to Bates public prostitution is a huge problem for him because it disrupts families, as some of the men filmed by Bates are indeed married. For Bates also violates the law and in dangers the Cities children, as many of the acts caught on tape are distastefully portrayed,as they are often done in public parks and local neighborhoods just blocks away from residents and schools.

Bates is an ordinary Citizen, who over the years has made a name for himself The Video Vigilante. with the fame Bates has earned a great deal of money from his on line sites at youtube.com. It started out as a small project but as he has been doing this for years, it has grown into much more and according to Bates, his goal is to get the prostitutes off the streets and out of his neighborhood. But is is that his real intension or has the intension like the project grown into something more? something personal? is it now just for the adventure or the “rush?”

As he sits in the car alone, and armed with nothing but his camera. He waits patiently in hopes of nabbing another law breaker. Bates talks to the camera about the “rush” and several prostitutes whom he now knows on site and sometimes by name. He also informs that before doing anything, like getting out of his vehicle  for what he calls “a closer look” he marks the plates of the cars on tape and notifies the police. But if the police officers are notified why would Bates need to put his own life in harms way for that closer look? He also informs that many of the prostitutes hes identified were previously arrested thanks to him. So if you caught them once, shouldn’t the police handle them the next time? what is the underlying intension of this Video vigilante? is it for Bates to stop prostitution and become the City hero? or is it for the video vigilante to explore his rush while indulging in the fame and wealth of what he calls broadcast journalism? below is a clip of Bates in action as I urge the pubic to decide.


1 Response to "Brain Bates Video Vigilante or Just another Nosey Neighboor?"

He is a spineless excuse for a man. My daughter had pulled over on a street that is known apparently for prostitution to count her money because she wanted to stop at the local taco stand.

She had left my house which is within a few miles of location so she has no choice but drive down that street. Apparently if a female drives down this street she is automatically a prostitute.

She caught him videotaping her and got out of the car and grabbed an empty paintball gun out of her car (stupid but she was young) and pointed it at him.

He then began chasing her through residential streets at high rates of speed and called the police and said that he was in fear for his life, but he was chasing her.

He told the police that she was a known prostitute, which was and is a lie and all charges were dropped against due to lack of evidence.

He now has her on the front page of his website portraying her as a known prostitute with her full name. he is a menace to society because what if everyone decided to o out and violate people’s rights to videotape or chase people through city streets?

I think that he is just a perverted old man that gets his rocks off by videotaping prostitutes or just young girls. His wife must not be very adept at keeping him satisfied if he has to videotape young girls.

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